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About Us

We started this thing because we are woodsmen, okay…or maybe wannabe woodsmen, but the point is, we live for the outdoors, and everything about it. When we head off to the office we carry an awesome knife or hank. Our car keys are on a cool leather lanyard, and we have stuff in the bakkie that just warms our hearts when we can’t be out there. People enter our ‘man caves‘ and exclaim “where did you get that!”, and we smile. We got it on Woodsman Wares, and so can you.

Some of our stuff

Get a feel for the sort of things we have found for you

For your bod

Not for the office

stash your cash

Every Day Carry

We aren’t fashion gurus, but we have sourced a combination of things like a cap that we think you will feel good in, and garments with clever features others haven’t thought of.

We aren’t just dreamers. Neither are you. This is real stuff for when we are out there in the wind, the sun, the rain. Nuggety stuff!

Every time you take out your card to pay, you get to be that guy. Leather, steel, class. Buy it, use it, get it worn smooth and ageless, and carry it with pride.

Carry stuff every day. In your pocket; In your bag; In your bakkie; In your life. You may be in town, but we know where your heart lies!

why did we start this

Because we love it. But also, because we started to find some cool stuff made by a guy in a garage, or only sold in a country where snowmobiles out-number cars, and we thought “how will our friends ever find this cool stuff”. That’s why we started this. And because when your mates ask “Hey, where did you get that?”, we want you to smile like we do.