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A page dedicated to the brands, craftsmen and creators who helped us launch this site, gave us a helping hand, stood by us and are generally all around great Woodsmen. They are our kin!

As Woodsmen we don’t know a lot of the outside world. 
But we have come across a group of folks who enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do. 

They prefer to do it at high speed, on two-wheels, and in tight pants. 

All we know is, they have some pretty cool bike gadgets and you should check them out.

The gents over at Copper Republic Distilling are one of a kind – and so is their range of world-class Gin, Whisky and Brandy.

All distilled here in South Africa, hand crafted by a family owned business, in small batches with flavours you won’t find anywhere else. 

Every glass pairs perfectly with an African Sunset, has undertones of adventure and resonates with the Wildly Classy.

The most down to earth bloke you will meet! 

Hannes spend his time doing what we all wish we were, adventuring in his kitted out Cruiser. Going to places you wouldn’t believe are right here in South Africa. Testing out cool gear, and camping.

He is living the life of an overlanding Woodsman, and we love it!

If you don’t follow him already check him out HERE

Trayvax are a great bunch of people. Their focus on quality is outstanding, and their dedication to people is amazing. They were also the first brand we approached – we didn’t even have a web page or email account yet. They said yes.

That encapsulates the sort of people we love!

The guys are no mess no fuss.

We saw the quirky name, we loved it. We checked out their stuff. They sent our stuff off so quickly our heads are still spinning.

Quality from beginning to end. If their knives aren’t Wildly Classy then we don’t know what is!

We first encountered Ben and Athena when one of us desperately NEEDED a knife poster for the man cave. They made plan to have one shipped out to South Africa. 

We just had to ask if we could stock their stuff. Awesome people, epic products. 

WE Knife and Civivi make some really awesome stuff.

These guys were so quick to help us out and get us setup. The whole team got involved.

Warren – the man behind the camera, and in this case our whole brand image too. 

Just a few quick calls to Warren and he had the vibe. He nailed down our logo super quick, setup a whole brand identity and to top it off came along on our photoshoot and took most of the bangers you see here on the site!

Local is always lekker. 

These guys are local and family run. They do the most incredible freeze dried meals.

But more than that, when we are outdoors being Woodsmen – their meals keep our bellies full and our taste buds wishing for more.

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