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Ace Riv Brass

A brass pocket knife, with premium grade materials a refined design and expert craftsmanship, you won’t regret this purchase!


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Ace Riv Brass


Brass .. because its just so damn classy!

Introducing the Riv…

Many people look at the Riv as a mini-Biblio. However, GM did not just shrink a Biblio to do the Riv. They started over and completely redesigned a new knife in the lines of the Biblio, but with its own feel and expression. This was also the way GM designed the Biblio, from the lines and concept of the GM1. Of course it would be easier to just scale a knife model up or down to any size you think would sell well, but they don’t work that way!

Why a compact knife?

GM designers, Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes, grew up spending time out in nature, working the forest and doing chores around the house. They were taught that when you work or hike, you carry a fixed-blade and a small folder. The fixed blade will perform most of the cutting tasks, but the folder should be kept razor sharp for finer tasks and be your back-up, if the fixed-blade is lost or dulls. These days most good quality folders can handle most of the jobs of a mid-sized fixed-blade, but it is still great to have a sharp back-up. And with the “Riv” you get a compact folder that will handle most daily cutting jobs, and will surprise you once you get it in hand. A tool, not a gimmick!

Ace Riv Brass Pocket Knife
Ace Riv Brass Pocket Knife


Blade Steel:  Elmax. Satin finish.
Handle:  Brass presentation side.
Backspacer: Brass.
Clip: Wire.
Pivot Mechanism:  Ball bearings.
Locking Mechanism:  Titanium Frame lock.

Blade Length:  2.44″ (62mm) – measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
Blade Thickness:  0.118″ (3mm)
Handle Length:  3.375″ (85.73mm)
Overall Length:  5.75″ (146mm)
Weight:  2.8oz (79.4g)

Manufactured by Reate Knives 

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 cm

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 3 cm