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The Big Chief - Handkerchief

In days gone by gentlemen carried handkerchiefs. Now that we don’t blow our noses on those things, we still need a handy cloth from time to time. These ones are cotton on one side, and microfibre on the other. This way you can dab water off something, but also clean a pair of specs or a camera lens. 23 X 23 cms. For a smaller chief, check out our Little Chiefs.


The Big Chief - Handkerchief


A Handkerchief for the modern Man

Don’t blow your snorter on this thing. It’s special okay!  Back in the day it was a handkerchief, some call them a hank.  We call it a Chief.

Did you see what we did there?

Wipe your knife blade on the cotton side, give your phone screen, camera lens or glasses a clean with the other – all with a touch of  class.

Be smarter than the rest of them. Get a couple of these things. Our fabric selection team all wear vellies, so the chances are we have something in your style.

Chief, if you are going to carry one of these. You will need something to put it in. Check out our Leather Valet Tray.

Leather Valet Tray
Beard Wax

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm

Rusta, Mare, Stewart, Honey-comb, Denim, Digicam, Butter, Wye, McKenzie, Bloom, Rhodesian camo