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Brass Hip Flask

This is the first fully-branded 1924us brass-brushed stainless steel Food grade Pocket Flask. A beautifully stunning and uniquely aged flask that is great for any adventure. Makes a great hammer in times of need. With the 1924us logo on the bottom back of the flask, and VENTURE ONWARD on both sides, its a great statement piece and perfect for carry.

A beautiful piece of craftsmanship.


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Brass Hip Flask

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As Old-School Classy As It Gets!

Brass Hip Flask

Perhaps it’s just us Woodsman that have a fascination with the ultimate Hip Flask, but we can’t think of anything cooler than having your favourite tipple stashed away in a breast pocket, gear bag or tackle pouch.

It seems like something your classy Grandpa would do, sitting beside a chilly river or lake in mid-winter as the sun set and the cold creeps in. You light a fire as the sky turns red, he turns to you and says “Do you want a swig of the good stuff?”

Of course you do!

And seemingly from nowhere he makes his hip flask appear. With all kinds of magic hidden within.

Now you too can posses that old school style and class. With your own flask, and not some yuppie neon plastic one- but rather one that Grandpa would approve of.


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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm