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Classic Wooden Shaving Brushes

A classy take on a classic shaving brush, the handles turned out of hardwoods to add the extra level of class to your morning routine.

Haven’t tried shaving with a brush and proper shaving soap? Try now – There is hope for you yet!

*Products are hand made from natural materials – shape and grain will vary – making each one truly unique!


Classic Wooden Shaving Brushes

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The way you were meant to shave!

Classic Wooden Shaving Set Olive

There are a few rituals that we can cling to in the modern world.

Not many of us have time to rake a Zen garden or delicately stack rocks in a cool mountain stream.

But you can still take pleasure in your everyday rituals, and doing them right.

One such thing is a proper gentleman’s shave. A real shaving brush, with old school shaving soap and perhaps a classy wooden razor.

Something you can use as a time to disconnect from the plastic world and get lost in a morning ritual, as simple as shaving the way it was meant to be done.. like a man!

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Wild Olive, Hardekool