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Classic Wooden Shaving Set

Sometimes old school is just better. This is one of those times!

Wildly classy wooden shaving kit, no plastic disposable pieces, extremely affordable blades, incredibly close shave.. we can’t see the downside!

Don’t be intimidated – using a classic safety razor is incredibly easy and safe!

Set includes: Razor, Brush & Stand.


Classic Wooden Shaving Set

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Old School Is Better

Classic Wooden Shaving Set

Modern life has brought about a lot of improvement and convenience in our daily life. It has also brought an incredible slew of marketing for products which are overpriced and under-deliver. The modern razor is one of those. Too many blades (Razor Burn), disposable (read plastic pollution) and Expensive!

Old school is just better, and so much classier.

These beautiful hand-turned shaving sets are a thing of beauty, that will last a lifetime, give you an incredible shave and cost you a fraction of modern razor blades and have less plastic waste! See a downside? Neither do we.

Don’t forget to pick your Razor Blade of choice, and perhaps some old-school shaving soap!

*These items are handmade from real wood. The shape and grain will vary between items.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Wild Olive, Hardekool