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Custom Bowie Knife

You saw it, now you want it. We understand. So let’s dive into the details.

This is a once-off, hand-forged, custom knife that no one but yourself will own.

It features a hand-forged blade of a 1050 carbon steel railway track from Highveld steel in Witbank, Mpumalanga. A guard of ox-wagon axle wrought iron serves to enrich the story of the knife, paired with a handle of Africa Blackwood,  collected from Blantyre, Malawi. Expertly finished off with a white Formica liner and riveted 316L pin.

8.6″ of slicing goodness with a 5.3″ handle. Overall length comes in at just over 15″.

Accompanied by a hand-stitched bovine leather sheath with a detachable belt loop.

This beautiful knife features more manliness than most can muster in a lifetime- and would belong to no one else but the prestigious owner of this blade.


Only 1 left in stock

Custom Bowie Knife


The Ultimate Custom Bowie Knife

Custom Bowie Knife by Ross Moffett

Anyone can own a mass-produced knife.  Go online or walk into the store, pick one up and walk on out – although.. fair warning, some places get niggly about paying. 

Then you get something like this. Something you won’t see in a store…EVER. This is a once-off, the bloke (Ross – yeah we actually know him) forged the blade from an old railway track, built the guard from an ox-wagon, hand-collected some Blackwood from Malawi, and put it all together with his own 2 hands. 

Like George Foreman, he was so proud of it he put his name on it.

Can you blame him? It’s a thing of beauty.

This has more manliness in it than a beard convention. 


There is one left in stock, and after that, there will be one in your possession and NOWHERE else.


We think that is pretty neat. 


*This product may take up to a week to ship*

Pointy stabby things need to be well packaged, and when they come from the middle of nowhere (Ross lives there -we hope he has a dog called Courage) it takes some time for the courier to find him.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 10 cm