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Farmer's Friend Seat-belt Buckle


Annoying right? That will ruin your day on the farm.

The Farmer’s Friend is how you get the safety officer in your bakkie to shut-up while you roam free, and to top it off at the end of the day, you can use it to pop the top of a cold lager.



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Farmer's Friend Seat-belt Buckle

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Simple, but so clever!

Farmers Friend Buckle

The EDC community is all about safety, and so are we.

This is not about drag racing without your seat-belt on, but when you think about it, its got some nifty tricks.

Its great for when you are putting around on the farm in your bakkie, the rough road pulls your belt too tight, and you aren’t worried about a 5km/h crash with your maize field.  Its just shuts up that annoying beep in the bakkie so you can enjoy the farm.

But not all of us are country boys, but this tool is for a city slicker too, stay with us…

You see, all you need to do is thread your back pack strap, carabiner, or handbag strap through the bottle opener side (um… yes, be responsible!) and click it into your belt buckle… smash and grab? We think not, that bag ain’t going anywhere!

Plus when all is said and done, and you pull up next to the dam, and need to pop a beer, but you aren’t one of the rough bush cats that use their teeth, it’s got you cover there too!

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