Gift Card

Not sure what to get your Woodsman or Lady as a gift? Don’t put yourself under that kind of pressure! Think of this as the “ask a friend option”. You get to give the gift, and the person who knows the answer to “What do they really want?” gets to choose. Simple. Done. Dusted. Go Outside, get stuff done.



Gift Card



Let them choose their own Wildly classy

We all have our own idea of what Wildly Classy is, and sometimes there are just too many options.

Woodsman tend to be particular, they know what they want, and they will know something about it you didn’t even know was an option.

What kind of steel is this pocket knife made of? They will know.

What type of woods is this coaster? They will know.

Do they drink Whiskey that needs this glass or that? They will know.

What gift should you get them. Just get them the gift card. THEY WILL KNOW.

Its not the easy way out, its the smart way out.

If they have been dreaming of the Tanto, front flipper, with natural micarta inlays into a stonewash finished brass scale, with a full flat grind on N690 steel. Would you know?  They would know.

*If by any chance you did know that. There are only 2 possible out comes.

1 – You are a woodsman too!

2 – Please send us your number. One of us still needs a wife.

Gift Card

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