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Gold Coated Solid Steel Dice Set

Set of 2 matte gold solid steel dice, made with hand-scribed tally markers. The highest value replaced with the 1924US slogan “Venture Onward”. These hefty little fellas are your standard size die at 1/2 an inch and weigh a great deal in the packed fist. Sold in pairs!

Count ‘em up and play some dice!


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Gold Coated Solid Steel Dice Set

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Feel the weight in your throw!

Gold Playing Dice

A real set of dice, for for a man with a real set… of friends.

These things aren’t plastic, they are solid steel, so you can feel the weight in your throw, and hear their roll on the table.

Are they more lucky than other dice? We can’t say for sure.

But we know one thing, you will feel more confident throwing a pair of these than the polka-dot red pair that you liberated from the Monopoly set.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm