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Hand Turned Wooden Pens

Real hard woods, turned into beautiful pens. Classy, hand-made and refillable wooden pens that bring the outdoors into your office. They are made form wood, each one is unique! We have several options you can choose from, select an option below and it will show you that exact pen – you will know exactly which one you are getting!


Hand Turned Wooden Pens

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Wooden Pens - because it's classier than plastic

If you are going to use a pen, for the love of all things outdoor – do it with one of these wooden pens. 

Not that neon orange pen left on your desk by the last sales rep: The ones that always fail you when you need them in rush, they crack, you can’t find refills – just WHY MAN – WHY!? When you could have one of these instead.

These bring the outdoor life in, they feel natural, they write beautifully – their refills are easy to find (Cross Refills).  They are also made locally by a true craftsman with a love of all things wood. He’s a woodsman – like you, but he doesn’t use crap plastic pens. He uses these.

Wooden Pen

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 1 cm
Pen Options

Pen 1, Pen 2, Pen 3, Pen 4, Pen 5, Pen 6, Pen 7, Pen 8, Pen 9, Pen 10, Pen 11, Pen 12