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Outdoor Caps Krantz Range

The Krantz range of caps are in stronger, contrasting colours. They are all adorned with the classy ‘axe in the log’ that is so distinctly woodsman, so definitive, so wildly classy.


Outdoor Caps Krantz Range

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Outdoor Caps

Our Krantz range of outdoor caps for the outdoorsman are all about strong colours and high contrast.

Think of the stark rock of craggy outcrops, with lichens in rich colours and deep dark forests in the background. We have gone for the strength of dark browns, rust, olives and coal to maximize the effect of our stunning bronze logo.

These caps will make you feel like you are exploring the great outdoors even when you aren’t.

They tell people you would rather be huddled around the fire with a good potjie on the go than trawling the mall. 

But sometimes you can’t be out exploring, and you have to go about your daily grind. But at least you can wear that cap that reminds everyone of the real you!

If you are more of a plainsman and have an eye for that sun-kissed, slightly worn, veldt type look. Then our Veldt range of caps is for you.

Check them out HERE

Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Leather Oil
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Winter Bank
Winter Bark
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Summer Bark
Summer Bark
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range New Moss
New Moss
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Old Coal
Old Coal
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Leather Oil
Leather Oil
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Rust Oil
Rust Oil
Outdoor Caps Krantz Range Olive Oil
Olive Oil

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Krantz Style

Winter Bark, Summer Bark, Leather Oil, Rust Oil, Olive Oil, New Moss Uflex, Old Coal Uflex