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Lanyard Beads

Pimp your lanyard with our classy lanyard beads. Watch this space as we come up with more styles in a variety of materials, and add to your collection as we add to ours.



Lanyard Beads


Lanyard Beads

When someone asks to borrow your knife, you hand it over, and they take it in their hand.

If it is worn and used, and tied to a personalised lanyard, watch their faces as they turn it over, feel the weight in their hands, and admire the patina  and experience its look and feel with admiration. “Where did you get that?” they ask as they hand it back, and you smile. 

Now you just need to decide, which pocket knife is it going on? Don’t hide it, you’re a woodsman, we know there is more than one!

Or perhaps you put it on a Trayvax Wallet?

Lanyard Bead

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Weight N/A
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Brass, Aluminum, Wood, Steel, Titanium


Cylindrical, Crosshatch