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Outdoor Caps Veldt Range

Our Veldt range of caps are characterised by a slightly sun drenched look. The logo is crisp and classy.


Outdoor Caps Veldt Range

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Sun-baked colour range

Caps for men. You will look good in one of these.

We think it says something about you. You are the guy in the cool cap, who spends time out there in the veldt. The colours are a little sun-baked. That’s what happens in the veldt. You are probably wearing boots and jeans. If you aren’t, we know its temporary.

For a darker, bolder look, check out our Krantz range of caps

Our caps for men

  • Elma Fud: Two tone. Different. The kinda cute that goes with a loaded shotgun.
  • Old Tjok:  You know that thing when your Easter eggs start going pale
  • Old Olive: An olive so faded and earthy that maybe its more like the dying leaves of an olive tree in a hectic droogte.
  • Clean Blacksmith: Like a sooty overall that went through the wash enough to be clean, but without losing the stain.
  • Washed Olive: Like Olive trees in a kloof in the Karoo
Outdoor Caps Veldt Range Washed Olive
Washed Olive
Outdoor Cap Veldt Range Elma Fud Woodsman Wares
Elma Fud
Outdoor Caps Veldt Range Old Olive
Old Olive
Clean Blacksmith
Outdoor Caps Veldt Range
Veldt Range
Old Tjok

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Veldt Style

Elma Fud, Old Tjok, Old Olive Uflex, Clean Blacksmith, Washed Olive