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Shaving Stand for Brush & Razor

A neat shaving stand to store your razor and brush in an upright position where they can dry. Made from hard-chrome coated steel round bar, and smooth welded to eliminate gaps where water could collect, this little stand keeps your shaving area tidy and hygienic. The Rockwell Razor and Bundubeard synthetic shaving brush fit perfectly on this stand.


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Shaving Stand for Brush & Razor

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Keep it Classy with this Shaving Stand

You don’t want your shaving brush drifting around in that water that spills beside the basin…you know the spot that is all soap stained and un-hygienic looking.


You want it on a little stand where the fresh air dries it out between shaves. No wood to absorb water; just hard chrome finished round bar. One wipe with your Little chief, and everything is clean and classy.

Safety Razor Classy Steel

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm