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Russian Tattoo Playing Cards

The Russian Prison Tattoo playing cards features illustrations that focus on the imagery of mortality, along with the idea of freedom: reclaiming some old designs and turning them into positive messages for a deck of playing cards that give a high quality look into playing your favourite card games.

Featuring letter-press and gold foil, fully made in America


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Russian Tattoo Playing Cards

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Playing Cards With Style and Class

Russian Playing Cards

The cards you never knew you needed!

What kind of Woodsman has a set of bicycle cards on his poker table? Do they look good next to your juice box?

We have something to solve this dilemma for you. Step one give the juice box back to your kid, the cards too… they can play Go Fish or Snap with those.

Next, pick up a deck of these sick Russian Playing cards. They look the part on a poker table next to a fine glass of scotch.

With their hand illustrated drawings, and unique designs, featuring letter-press and gold foil, fully made in America.

You won’t find a classier deck of cards on any other table than yours.



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