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Safety Razor – Classy Steel DE7

The DE7 is a very good starter razor for someone on a budget. This razor has doors that open when you turn the dial at the bottom that enables easier loading and less handling of the blade. It is a very mild razor, for those with sensitive skin or prone to rash or razor burn.  To get a closer shave do a second pass across or against the grain. It has a durable hard chrome finish, and will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly. Clean it with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents and ensure smooth action. A solid razor at 72 grams, with a length of 94 mm.


Safety Razor – Classy Steel DE7

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Classy Steel Safety razer

Imagine shaving with that cheap disposable, or cartridge razer, the feel of the the plastic  – Nope it all gone wrong nobody dreams of that.

So now picture yourself shaving like a the class act that you are – now make it happen with this razer.

Feel the weight of the thing in your hand; twist the bottom of the handle and watch the cargo doors close down on the fresh blade….like a missile loaded in a hercules C130. 

Now you are loaded and good to go.

When you are done, it slots neatly into the matching stand – and you strut out of the bathroom smelling like Sandalwood and ready to conquer the day.

Safety Razor Classy Steel

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

White Metal, Gun Metal Grey