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Skully Brass Lanyard Bead

A Brass bead in the shape of a skull. A brilliant edition to turn into a zipper pull, or add to a lanyard on your wallet or pocket knife.


Skully Brass Lanyard Bead

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Solid Brass Skully Beads - Because why not?

Jack Sparrow is that you?

Captain, we not sure what you will do with your skully bead – but here are some ideas.

You can attach these to just about anything. Need a nice little hold on the zipper of your bag? Thread these on using some paracord or leather cordage. 

Want something to attach to your Swiss Army Knife so that it doesn’t slip out your pocket so easily? Or just to give you a little something to grab  on to – these are great for that.

Argghhh, why not just thread one onto your beard matey?

At the end of the day though, they are handmade and hammered out of a solid brass rod. They look epic, and they allow you to add that personal touch – Why wouldn’t you get one?

If you are looking for something a little less pirate like – check these out HERE

Skull Bead

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