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Smoke Signals – Smokey Bourbon Hot Sauce

Bourbon, balefire, and Smoke. The ultimate trifecta for a hot sauce, with a hearty “hurts so good” burn and a full flavour profile.

Perfect for steaks, chops, pizza, and just about anything else you can cook with fire.

125ml Bottle


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Smoke Signals – Smokey Bourbon Hot Sauce

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Hotter & Saucier than any Mistress

Smoke Signals - Smokey Bourbon Hot Sauce

We as Woodsman have a specific appreciation for a few gentlemanly vices!

A good bourbon, the smell of a roaring campfire, the taste of a hand-rolled cigar, and a well-told war story.

So we got hold of a good friend (Smokey) Joe, who is a Woodsman chef and understands such things, and asked him to bottle the perfect Woodsman sauce.

So Joe, being a master of these things, did what only Joe can.

He smoked red chilies, he sampled bourbons, he stirred some stuff in a pot while his eyes watered from smoke and his heart chuckled with sinister delight.

Smoke Signals – A Smokey Bourbon Hot Sauce was born!

It’s like smoking a cigar at a good braai, sipping some bourbon, and telling war stories.

The neck says “Let it Burn” so be warned. It has a “hurts so good” kind of heat!

We won’t judge if you need a beverage, after all where there is smoke, there is fire, but make sure you do in class with a beer out of our tankard. 


Chilies, Bourbon, Spirit vinegar, tomato, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, sugar.

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