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Woodsman Beer Tankard

A 600ml beer tankard for the classy beer drinker.

A big hooped handle and thick walls with a sturdy base to keep that beer chilled longer! This isn’t for down-downs and crushing cans on your skull.

This isn’t for bitch-pops and ciders, it’s for real beer and the real beer drinkers who know the difference.


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Woodsman Beer Tankard

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The Classy Way To Sink A Good Ol'Ale

Woodsman Beer Tankard

Could you drink your beer out of the can? You could! You could also wear crocs, and track pants to the pub, but you shouldn’t.

This mug isn’t for the beer chuggers, the down-down racers, and the shandy makers.

It’s for the real beer drinkers! 

China, made by our China in JHB, by hand…every single one!

A beer tankard made with that love and care deserves only the finest ales, poured from a tap or at least directly from the fridge.

With a hefty 600ml capacity and a chonky handle, this tankard begs for a full-bodied beer, as golden as grandma’s ring or as dark as a fever dream.

So whatever your favorite brew – next time you get a hankering for a hydraulic-sandwich, will you drink it from a can or bottle, or will you do it the justice it deserves and pour it into your Woodsman Beer Tankard?

P.S. Put this beast in the freezer for a while before pouring your beer, to keep it extra frosty for a bit longer.


If you want the baby brother of our tankard (Because some of us have day jobs and we have to start the day with a coffee and not a Free-State Cappuccino) have a look at our  Hobbit Mug.

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