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Woodsman Hawk - Camping Axe

This awesome tomahawk style camping axe embodies the tool of a woodsman. Its sturdy, and with enough heft to be used effectively. Yet small enough to go on your wild trips with you. To top is all off, its not some tasteless plastic tool. Its looks like you do.. Wildly Classy!


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Woodsman Hawk - Camping Axe

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What would our store be without some Camping axes?

Woodsman Camp Axe

Every Woodsman needs an Axe!

But not the kind with a bright plastic handle that will fall apart when the going gets tough. 

A Woodsman needs an axe like him, that is classy, built sturdy, smells like hickory and is ready to tackle the outdoors. 

So our kinsmen developed this piece of brilliance to accompany a Woodsman on his way. 

These tomahawk style camping axes are the ideal companion for camping, over landing or just for splitting some kindling at home. Their size makes them easy to pack, their weight gives them just the right amount of heft. Plus they just look the part!


PS. This axe, some wood and This Portable Braai are a match made in heaven


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 5 cm