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Bird & Trout Knife

For those avid fishermen, what is life without a proper filleting knife?

Especially a locally crafted beauty such as this! Something that pays homage to yesteryear,  a throwback to wicker creels and cane rods. Perhaps you don’t carry those like your grandfather did since technology has moved on.

But a good blade is timeless, and a beauty like this will remind you of the classier times.


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Bird & Trout Knife

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For when you need to restore some class to modern fishing.

Filleting Knife

In a world filled with the latest and greatest gadgets, carbon fiber and chrome, we think it’s time to pay homage to the way things used to be.

Class is timeless, and so is this knife. A tool that could have been used by your grandfather, and looked at home on his old creel as he filleted his catch for the day. A blade that would look just at home with your modern tackle, but remind of how things have been in yesteryear.

Something special that you could hand to your son, and he could hand to his. An heirloom item that really was Grandpa’s.

Will this unqiue item be passed to your children, or someone elses? Its up to you!


• OAL – 300mm
• Steel – N690
• Steel thickness 3,2mm
• Width of blade – 25mm (heel)
• Finish – Satin
• Sheath – 4mm cowhide

• Fittings – Brass with S/S lanyard tube
• Scales – Leadwood (Grain and Colour may Vary)

Filleting Knife

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm