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Lip Balm – Gunwax


A firm lip balm, in natural bees wax, with mild hints of essential oils, presented in a stylish round tin (5 cm by 1.8 cm). Timeless, classy and manly. Slip one of these into your pocket or bag, and ditch that plastic lipstick thing.


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Lip Balm – Gunwax


Quality Lip balm

Dude! Don’t borrow your wife’s lip gloss, the strawberry stuff full of glitter.  Just don’t okay.

Rather do the manly, classy thing, and get an olde world tin of Gunwax lip balm. It’s hardy stuff, with a mild aroma, that actually stays on – Essential stuff for our harsh dry South African winters.

Plus its in a tin…not plastic.

The guys who make this stuff know what they are doing! We know because people can’t have beards that long without acquiring some wisdom along the way. They know how to look after their beards too. Check it out! 

Lip Balm

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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 cm