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Stropping Compound


The Green Ultra Fine Strop Compound will help you get that blade hair popping sharp! Simply color on a coat of this great stuff on a strop, and fire away, and get that perfectly sharp edge, like a real Woodsman!

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Stropping Compound

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Bliksem, THAT Is Sharp!

Ever wonder how to get your knife hair-popping sharp?

It’s all about the finishing touches after your conventional sharpening, or even just to re-touch the edge of your blade.

That is done by stropping.

So here is how you get it done:

Apply a light coat of compound on a strop. Place blade on strop at the same angle as the knife edge. Pull the blade backwards in the opposite direction from sharpening or cutting. Use gentle pressure from heel to tip while drawing from one side, and then the other.

Alternate 7-10 passes on each side.

Hair popping sharp is the goal!

Woodsman Stopping Compound

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