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Atmos Fold 2.0 Leather Wallet

A minimal, 2 pocket wallet with a closing flap, which allows up to 8 stacked cards and some cash in the back pocket



Atmos Fold 2.0 Leather Wallet


These are made by JOhan... with his HANDS!

Atmos Fold Mens Leather Wallet

Somewhere in George (South Africa) is an Afrikaans man called Johan Strauss, and he makes these, not with a machine, or even those cobblers elves that come out at night, but with his own hands and dedication to fine craftsmanship the likes of which we had never seen before. 

He uses a hand-stitching method called saddle stitching, a technique as old as the mountains. The edges are burnished to give it that extra smooth finish, although this finish does not last forever, it is so easy to retouch with some wax.

This is his 2.0 model of the Atmos fold wallet, and MAN is this thing classy!

This upgraded design takes a whopping 10 cards and cash with ease. Have a small SAK? That will fit next to your cards. The back of the wallet opens on the side so that your notes can easily fit inside the wallet.

So when he contacted the Woodsmen and asked if we would be interested in stocking his fine handy work, and well… we couldn’t think of anything a Woodsman would appreciate more than a top grain minimal leather wallet. A wallet that patinas over time develops characters and just oozes class where ever it goes.

And when people ask which mall you got it from? Well, you can tell them you didn’t, you can tell them it’s made by Johan from Strauss & Co., You found it on Woodsman Wares and that the only maul you know is what happens when you come across a bear in the woods.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Leather Colour

Bronco Brown