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Aviator Card Wallet

Let’s take it back to basics. Minimal, functional, and space-efficient. The Aviator is a classic design with a modern twist. Adorned with an antique brass eyelet, you can attach a lanyard for easy deployment from the pocket.

This design is good for any pocket, front, back, left, or right. Easily carry up to 8 cards, or carry 6 cards and some folded cash.


Aviator Card Wallet


Modern, Minimal, Marvelous!

Aviator Card Wallet

No matter what you have heard in the past…size matters!

This is why the Aviator card wallet is so great, you can now free up much-needed room in your pocket areas. 

Our friend Johan over at Strauss & Co. makes these ultra-minimal wallets by hand, from the cutting, through all of the saddle stitches to the beautifully burnished edges. 

This is for the Woodsman who doesn’t need a fat wallet to announce his presence. Just a few cards and a little bit of cash.

He is classy, and that bulge in his pants. Its not his wallet. 


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm
Leather Colour

Bronco Brown