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Shaving set

This stand has a high chrome finish, and has an aluminium center section wrapped in either light or dark wood vinyl . As it is not real wood this stand is maintenance free and looks good with razors and brushes with a hard chrome finish, or of similar colour. We have matched this stand up with other white chromed items, similarly covered in a wood vinyl.

This razor and the brush have the traditional appearance of wood, less the wood. The handles are made of a billet of aluminium wrapped in vinyl that has a wood pattern on it. Less maintenance on this baby is what it is all about. A set that displays beautifully on a bathroom counter.

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Shaving set

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If you are just getting into this thing….moving away from plastic stuff that you can buy at the supermarket, then this is for you.

A solid and classy stand, with a matching brush and a razor that fit perfectly.

The stand is solid, with a wide base, so it won’t fall over.

The razor takes common Gillette mach 3 razor heads ( can get those at the supermarket)

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Light wood, Dark wood