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Classy After Shave

For that ultimate manly feeling when you are done with your shave, the slight burn, the cooling on your skin, the class of being a Woodsman!

Introducing the Classy After Shave

Pick your favourite scent and then decide, do you want a balm to moisturize, do you want a winter spray with a slight warmth to it, or do you prefer the summer version with an extra minty cool?

Or why not all 3, and you decide on the day?


Classy After Shave

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Feel The Class!

Classy After Shave

Nothing makes you feel more like a Classy Woodsman than a good after shave.

The slight sting as it touches your skin, the cooling relief and the manly scent!

Makes you want to give yourself a little motivational slap on the cheek – to tackle the day. We can’t promise what the day will bring, but with this aftershave we can promise that you started it right!

Each scent has 3 options:

Balm – for a thicker more moistuizing effect

Winter Spray – quick and easy to apply

Summer Spray – Just a little more mint kick in there for that cooling effect on a hot summer morning.

Why not grab all 3? Set for any season or mood of the day!

Looking for the stuff to go with this, look no further than our Grooming Section, to be the most Wildly Classy version of your self!

Classy After Shave
Classy After Shave
Classy After Shave

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Balm, Summer Spray, Winter Spray


Shark Dive, Last One Standing, Beach Bum, Hitting The Town