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Leather lanyard material

This is 3mm wide by 1mm thick thong, used to make lanyards for knives, trinkets, and anything you carry in your pocket. The unit of measure is 1 metre (100 cms)…so to buy 1 metre, enter a value of 1.  A lot of foreign videos and websites refer to a “1/8th of an inch” thong.  This translates to 3mm which is what is on offer here.


Leather lanyard material

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OK, so here’s the thing:  To get into this EDC thing, you have to have leather and brass and copper and the like everywhere. It needs to age and rub, and get a personality of its own. On that score, we recommend rubbing it with some Lumberjack’s wax to give it that shiny, aged look, and stop the dust fragments from crumbling off.

Your knife can no longer just go in your pocket. It needs a lanyard (with a bead of course).

On a serious note, if you have a chief in your pocket, and your knife has a lanyard, the two tangle a little, and you will NEVER have the knife slip out of your pocket.  It also helps when you reach into your pocket trying to find your knife. So this stuff does have a purpose. But since you are putting a lanyard on, you had might as well adorn it with a bead.

Oh…and knots are an art. Just in case you didn’t know that.

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