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Woodsman Hobbit Mug

This is that mug, you know the one. The one that no one else is allowed to use… why? Because its your bloody mug!

It could be because its handmade, it could be because it just feels right in your hand, but its probably because you’re a Woodsman and this is your mug.


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Woodsman Hobbit Mug

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Tea Cup? Soup Bowl? Beer Mug? You Decide!

It is as if these mugs were hand turned by Pippin.
They have the earthy tones of the shire, and that comfortable heft in the mug with a cosy handle that makes you feel at home. But there is some wizardly magic that goes on here, the sort that brings a smirk to Gandalf’s beard.

To the unassuming eye, these are the size of perhaps a slightly generous tea mug used for 2nd breakfast adjacent to your steaming porridge.

Yet, somehow when when the sun passes the midway mark in the sky, the day starts to slow, and time flows like honey. You amble through to the Green Dragon, Or Prancing Pony pub, the same mug appears beneath the pouring spout and 500ml of delicious golden ale comfortably nestles into its new home and you notice the white shimmer that glazes the top of the mug, and you know that like you, this is where its happiest…

Or just use it for your coffee – we honestly won’t judge. We feel like a kid in his first Spiderman suit. We use this thing for tea, coffee, beer… hell if it’s really cold out we will even put some soup in there. The sturdy ceramic does wonders to keep things warm or cold, and the little extra weight and sturdy base means there is no accidental toppling of this stout glory!

Woodsman Hobbit Mug

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