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Zippo Butane Cigar Insert

This butane insert slots right into your classic Zippo lighter, keeping the same authentic Zippo look, but allowing you to burn a jet flame from butane fuel. This makes the lighter the perfect companion for items such as cigars where you don’t want your lighter fluid to impart a taste.


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Zippo Butane Cigar Insert



The Ultimate Upgrade for A Classic Zippo

Zippo Double Butane Burner

This is a case of new meets old.

The old-school wind-proof Zippo Lighters are classic, they work, and they are great!

But for the cigar lovers out there, you will know that lighting your cigar with a lighter that uses a parafin-based fuel will impart a taste on your prized cigar – and not a taste note that you want to experience.

Enter the butane insert, this insert fits into your Zippo lighter, so you can still carry old faithful with some class, but when you pop open that lid you have a fancy new double torch butane burner.

The butane gives a beautifully steady flame, with an odourless burn making it great for lighting up cigars – or if you just prefer a rocketing blue flame to old school wick. It really is up to you!


*Note this is just the insert, and you will still need a standard Zippo lighter to insert it into.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm