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The Little Chief - Handkerchief

Measuring just 19.5 by 19.5 cms, this little chap fits in the smallest pocket and will wrap around your knife, or sit between your phone and your keys to stop scratching. Wipe your specs. Wipe your phone. Clean your blade. Make a statement with a classy print, and a minimalist cloth. No mess, no fuss:  just style!

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The Little Chief - Handkerchief


A Little Handkerchief with Big Class

A little chief is just the perfect size for wiping a knife blade or a phone screen.

It kinda says “I am not mopping up your spills….I’m just keeping my stuff tidy”.

It won’t bulk out your pocket.

If you arrive somewhere in a sports coat, you could slip it into the breast pocket to make a statement. Its just one of those things you carry around that defines you without ever getting in the way.

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Little Handkerchief

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Rusta, Mare, Stewart, Honeycombe, Denim, Digicam, Bloom, Butter, Wye, McKenzie, Rhodesian camo